Since you are going to have colon (large bowel/intestine) surgery, you need to follow a cleansing prep starting 1 (one) day before your surgery. This is a most important measure to reduce the risk of infection. Sometimes a bowel prep is used for other types of operations.

You will need to stay on a clear liquid diet. This includes water, tea with sugar/honey, black coffee with or without sugar, Gatorade, and clear juices (cranberry, apple, cranapple, etc. – any juice you can see through). No orange juice or milk products. You may also have chicken or beef broth (no noodles or vegetables) and all the Jello you want.

You may also need to take antibiotics. If you need to take them, you will have been given a prescription for these medications.

Please Follow These Directions

One day before your surgery:

  1. Start on the clear liquid diet; you should continue to take liquids after the Fleets Phophosoda but only until midnight. Make sure you drink ample amounts of liquids as the Fleets Phosphosoda prep can cause dehydration.
  2. Take Fleets Phophosoda 1-1/2 oz. at noon with 4 oz. of clear liquid.
  3. Take the second dose of Fleets Phosphosoda 1-1/2 oz. at 6:00pm with 4 oz. of clear liquid.

If you have been given prescriptions for antibiotics, take the doses at 3:00pm, 4:00pm, and 9:00pm.

If you normally take any heart or blood pressure medication in the morning, you must take them on the morning of surgery with a small sip of water, unless otherwise instructed.

If you are a diabetic, especially if you take insulin, you should notify your primary care physician about adjusting your medication dosages during the prep and the morning or surgery. Do not hesitate to call our office (214) 592-9200 with any questions.